björk on dignity

I’ve found myself digging for Björk interviews online , thanks to my mom, who yesterday reminded me of Iceland by mentioning, all of a sudden, the Eyjafjallajokull eruption and telling me not to eat nuclear salmons imported from Northern waters. Well, I’m sure the US didn’t import them, she added. But Turkey did. But I’m not in Turkey, what is it to me now?  Complete nonsense. Repeated the eruption, her words about how she liked the salmons but didn’t think they were coming from contaminated Northern waters, and then repeated the passive aggressive “cursing” attitude common in Southern Waters: they made us eat it.

And now as I’m polishing my interview questions for the summer, I find myself watching this, comparing how the comments would differ if this was the case of a Turkish singer expressing “opinion” about politics of environment, et cetera et cetera. I know the comparison is futile at this point, because it is immature.

Anyway… Most people who watch this excerpt from an interview with Björk would probably not pick up on the words “dignity-wise”. That is  intriguing, because it has a little more than the simple binary or good nature versus bad industry of people, even as she seems to hold on to that cliche binary, speaking of the sustainable.  That binary is everywhere, and usually not very productive when trying to get critical of bad policies of governments, industries, employers, and even some communities that value money more than the core that feeds the money  — hydro electric power plants of Turkey’s Black Sea region knows what I mean 😉

But, why does she say dignity? Why does she use the word ‘humble’? What does that have to do with how people loving her piercing eyes and songs? What is dignity? –> Here comes my best interview question.


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