sonic files

% Cinucen Tanrikorur enters makam muzik after locating ozan, ashuq (asik) and minstrels in classical music.

% Benjamin Zander on classical music that touch our memories, and sometimes with a conductor that makes no sound!

%  ‘Only voice’: Blixa Bargeld on music-making, on particularities of musician as an employment non-category and the importance of ‘sei schlau, klau beim Bau.’

% Bela Bartok’s footprints in Anatolia, while Bartok is searching for footprints in Anatolia. Documentary in Turkish, with Hungarian subtitles.

% Melody of Noise. A documentary from 9th Documentarist Festival in Istanbul, 2016. Strange stuff watched in a large room with 4-5 audience, I don’t know about their motivation. Mine was to see how people deal with creative noise making while there is so much violating noise in the world.


% Istanbul Makamı / Istanbul notes. A humble documentary on foreign musicians who found Istanbul familiar, 2016. I watched it in May 2016, at the campus yard of a famous university/conservatory in Istanbul. Next to us at the screening was a graduation celebration or something of that sort, which made real noise. See the documentary’s trailer here:


%  Cazcı kimdir, Selen Beytekin NTV Radyo’da anlatıyor, 2016. Daha fazlası için:

% music to create discipline, strength, various and simultaneous ways, like fireworks, via TED-ED, A. Collins and S.C.Graham:


% Mix of anthropology of senses and history of space; silence as a means of mass communication; listening to the sonic past of Ottoman city by Nina Ergin:

‘Silence is kind of intercultural. Everybody understands if you can silence someone, you have power over them.’


% Listen. Basics. A short film by David New on Murray Schafer the composer. On soundscapes and the importance of not having too much in order to be able to listen.


% How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins / Sharon Colman Graham. 2014. via TED-ED.Anita Collins explains the fireworks that go off in musicians’ brains when they play, and examines some of the long-term positive effects of this mental workout.


% Wheel method on thinking rhythm. John Varney via TED-ED. 2104


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