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Laçin Tutalar
Phd Candidate at University of Kentucky. Cultural Geographer with focus on soundscapes of calm and violence. Kentucky/Boston/Chicago/Istanbul/Ankara/* (where’s next?)

Home is where you blog.

These are my first drafts, streaming thoughts, hopes for conversation, documents of serendipity. I’m a fieldworker and a communicator. Living the life of an ENFP. For the last two years, after being back to campus post-fieldwork, I have desperately questioned ‘why we academics write where our audience is not meant to hear’. Now, in the age of precarity, this question means so much even as you survive in the Western/Northern corner of academia. Overall, it’s not a good idea to question this if you want to keep running. Luckily I am not a machine. For a while, I wanted to quit; then I heard my advisor reminding me not to waste what I heard. She’s fed up with my first drafts not connecting to their future. This personal blog is now back to life because I listen. I write because I miss having full conversations. ‘Eşik‘ means ‘threshold’ in Turkish, where something else will happen or turn out when a certain level, stage or limit is reached on a scale. Speaking of children’s secret spaces, Brian Sturm sums up the potential of a threshold, quoting Turner on liminality: it brings isolation, transformation, struggle, connection and eventually autonomy for real. We fear those assets more if we age.

I like museums, balconies, public transport, languages, podcasts and pockets. I miss my green-and-yellow bike.

Currently I am working on publications in order to complete my phd and approaching fresh collaborations. If you get the urge to use any posts I publish here, please do not forget to cite properly (‘cuz it’s original work).

Write me a note below or send me a message on a little bird . I speak Turkish, English, Italian (devo essere migliore), and I understand a little bit French and Arabic.


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